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The qualified technicians at Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store are knowledgeable experts in garage door design, installation, maintenance and repair, and we are ever-ready to assist you with your garage door needs every hour of the day or night. Our mobile service vehicles in the Cutler Bay, FL area provide superlative service, quickly arriving onsite to meet the needs of our clients. Our garage door maintenance technicians are trained to ensure that your garage door continues to work properly and meet your access and protection needs.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Too often families and businesses make the mistake of trusting the servicing of their garage doors to an amateur who does not possess the needed qualifications, training and experience.

Having unqualified people maintain or repair a garage door can be a prelude to disaster, as a minor problem can easily develop into something much worse when someone is working with the heavy duty mechanisms that allow garage doors to raise and lower properly. Untrained technicians can seriously injure themselves when they attempt to repair components that may suddenly fail after being incorrectly handled. On the other hand, when families and businesses look to Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store to repair, maintain and upgrade garage doors and components, they can trust that experienced professional technicians will arrive expediently in their mobile service vehicles to carry out the work in a safe and efficient manner. For professional solutions to garage door needs, clients in and around the Cutler Bay can call on Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store.

Garage Door Checkup

Garage door systems are intricate mechanisms, with every component dependent on the parts around it, and Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store Cutler Bay, FL 786-309-2778the breakdown of one component can cause the whole system to fail. The key to a smoothly functioning garage door, particularly custom designed or heavy duty doors, is regular maintenance, and Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store specialists have the expertise and equipment to enable the garage doors of our clients to continuously run smoothly, so that problems do not arise.

Technicians at Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store provide proactive garage door checkup services that give clients a comprehensive understanding of any possible difficulties that may arise with their garage doors or any of the parts. During a garage door checkup, expert specialists meticulously check components that have a tendency to wear down over time such as garage door panels, garage door springs, garage door track assembly and garage door hardware. They perform adjustments wherever they are needed so that your garage door continues to run as smoothly as when you first acquired it.

After our technicians finish their assessments, they report on the state of the garage door system and its components to our clients, delineating any needed repairs, maintenance and upgrades that will help the garage door function well and continue to provide high quality access and security.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track assembly is the mechanism that directs a garage door along a predetermined path and allows it to open and close smoothly without jerking or jamming. When a garage door comes loose from the track assembly, it malfunctions and does not move properly, and it sometimes even completely ceases mobility and will no longer raise or lower. Usually, doors go off track due to broken cables, which operate constantly with great strain under heavy pressure and eventually give out. Garage door track assemblies also sometimes stop functioning properly because the materials give out due to temperature, moisture and other environmental considerations, which wear away the materials and eventually cause them to break down. Usually cables do not wear evenly on both sides and malfunction on one side only while clients are raising a garage door, which immediately jams the door in place, causing great inconvenience if the door is in a partly open position. Another reason that garage doors come loose from their track assemblies concerns the electric eyes that cause doors to stop short of solid objects in their way. If these electric eyes malfunction, doors can forcefully strike solid objects because they do not detect them and go off track. However it happens, the significant problems raised by a garage door that has gone off track means that it has to be attended to right away. Count on Cutler Bay Garage Doors Store garage door specialists to get your garage door back on track and in proper working condition.